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Dont Panic!

If a swarm of bees lands in your garden, and you would like the assistance of a beekeeper to either advise you, or to remove the swarm, then please contact one of our members listed below as soon as the bees have settled (do not delay). If you are uncertain which insect you have in your garden or property, visit the BBKA website, which has a handy identification guide for bees, bumble bees and wasps.

Up and down the country many swarm reports have turned out to be nests of tree bumblebees. For more information about tree bumblebees please go to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website.

contact our swarm co-ordinator Les Tonkin on 01736 755380 or 07977 545495, or contact find your nearest swarm collector on the British Beekeepers’ Association Website.

The following swarm collectors for West Cornwall are given below:

TR3 area

Jerry Williams 01209 861415/07899 963666

TR4 area

William Robinson 01872 273749

TR11 area
Robert Black 01326 316541/07710157784

Anne McQuade 01336 373749

Bridget Clemoes 01326 375930/07756 295478

John Mills  01326 318718/07764 291106

TR12 area

Richard Lugg 01326 241545 / 07971 827226

TR14 area

Ray Stone 01209 717951/07425171335


Christopher Wiles 07817424333

TR18 area
Dave McIntosh 01736 361294/07790870997

Andy Beard 01736 360232/07958 582285

TR20 area
Stephen Putnam 07809897706

James Kilty 01736 850373


TR27 area
Ben Penberthy 01736 850404/07790429594

Emma Trevarthan 01736 851122

Les Tonkin 01736 755380 / 07827 293756

Jenny Lewis 01736 753124