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(Photograph courtesy of Bob Black.)

Association members on safari at Godolphin House, July 2016


Association members under the guidance of experienced beekeepers at the Chy Vellan Apiary. (Photographs courtesy of Fred Buckingham.)

Opening up a hive

Bees on a plastic Queen excluder

Brood box full of bees

Keeping records

Inspecting brood frames

Opening a hive for inspection.

A sealed Queen cell.

Inspecting brood frames.

A brood frame.

General Beekeeping – Eggs

Eggs – like tiny grains of rice.


General Beekeeping – Queen cells.

Queen cells on a frame of brood.

Several sealed Queen cells.

Sealed Queen cells.


A swarm of honey bees in the branches of a tree.

Members and friends at the Apiary BBQ, July 2016.

Grub’s Up !

And lovely it looks too !