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(Photograph courtesy of Bob Black.)

Association members on safari at Godolphin House, July 2016



Wild flower meadow near our apiary at Chy Vellan – June 2017.






Association members under the guidance of experienced beekeepers at the Chy Vellan Apiary. (Photographs courtesy of Fred Buckingham.)

Opening up a hive

Bees on a plastic Queen excluder

Brood box full of bees

Keeping records

Inspecting brood frames

Opening a hive for inspection.

A sealed Queen cell.

Inspecting brood frames.

A brood frame.

General Beekeeping – Eggs

Eggs – like tiny grains of rice.


General Beekeeping – Queen cells.

Queen cells on a frame of brood.

Several sealed Queen cells.

Sealed Queen cells.


A swarm of honey bees in the branches of a tree.

Members and friends at the Apiary BBQ, July 2016.

Grub’s Up !

And lovely it looks too !