Events and Meetings

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We hold two evening meetings per month during the winter and weekly afternoon meetings (weather permitting) during the summer (April to September).

Winter Meetings

We hold Main winter meetings and Better Beekeeping sessions each month (September to April).  All (members and guests/visitors) are welcome to attend both meetings if they wish but the Better Beekeeping Meetings are primarily aimed at those who have kept bees for less than three years and concentrating on basic beekeeping skills and learning from each other’s experience. See the Calendar for dates and topics for this year.

The Main Winter Meetings are held  on a Mondays at Marazion Community Centre, Gwallon Lane, TR17 0HW. The format is usually a presentation, previous examples include: making mead, spring swarm management, and American Foul Brood. The full library will be open and refreshments and a raffle will be available.

The Better Beekeeping Meetings are also held on Mondays at Marazion Community Centre, Gwallon Lane, TR17 0HW. . Each meeting covers a certain topic followed by an opportunity to ask more experienced beekeepers questions. The mini library will be available as will refreshments and a raffle. See Calendar for dates.

Summer Meetings

Summer meetings are held weekly during the afternoon (2pm to 5pm), provided the weather is suitable, at our apiary near Marazion.  These meetings are practical sessions where hands-on experience can be gained under the direction of some of our more experienced beekeepers.  All members (and occasional guests) are welcome to attend.

Directions to Summer Apiary : can be obtained by contacting the Education Coordinator and Apiary Manager, Anne McQuade.