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Friday, Saturday and Sunday


7th, 8th 9th April BBKA Spring Convention, Harper Adams University, Newport, TF10 8NB


11th April Better Beekeeping, Goldsithney, 7:30pm


21st April WCBKA Committee Meeting


21st May Bee Safari, Godolphin House
Thursday, Friday and Saturday


8th, 9th, 10th Royal Cornwall Show


30th July Summer BBQ, Chy Vellan Apiary,


9th September Bit Of A Do – Bee Convention, Truro


14th October Kehelland Apple Day


Tuesday 17th October – First autumn meeting at Passmore Edward’s Institute, Hayle, 7:30pm.
Saturday 14th October – Kehelland Apple Day
26th – 28th October – National Honey Show, Sandown Racecourse, Esher, Surrey.
Meetings at Passmore Edward’s Institute, Hayle will be held as follows :
7th NovemberAGM (followed by a talk on the Farms for AONBees Project), Passmore Edwards Institute, Hayle. 7:30pm.
5th DecemberHoney Show, Passmore Edwards Institute, Hayle. 7:30pm.
16th January2018 – Rodger Dewhurst on Hygienic Bees, Passmore Edwards Institute, Hayle. 7:30pm.
20th February – Member’s Shorts, Passmore Edwards Institute, Hayle. 7:30pm.
20th March – TBA.
Better Beekeeping meetings will be held at St. Piran’s Hall, Golsithney at 7:30pm on :
31st October – basic biology and behaviour. Life cycle. How the colony passes the winter.
28th November – Forage, local flora. Nectar,pollen, propolis, water, their collection and uses. Conversion of nectar into honey. Feeding, robbing.
9th January 2018 – Carpentry – assembling your Christmas presents/purchases from Thorne’s sale.
6th February – Pests and diseases. Varroa, IPM. Apiary hygiene, importance of changing frames.
6th March – Bee improvement, queen selection, basic queen rearing. Where to source bees.

3rd April – Swarming, its prevention and management. Collecting a swarm. Supercedure. Queenlessness, DLQs, laying workers.