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2018 / 2019 Programme

ALL Meetings are held at Marazion Community Centre, Gwallon Lane TR17 0HW as follows :

8th October – Bruce Henderson Smith, Showing Honey. 7:30pm.

12th November – AGM.

3rd December – Honey Show and Christmas Party


Better Beekeeping meetings will also be held at  7:30pm on :

22nd October – Introductions/ Review of the year/Preparing for winter/ Programme outline and resources

19th November – How the colony passes the winter / basic biology and behaviour / life cycle

17th December – Forage – their collection and uses / conversion of honey into honey, wax and how its made by bees, uses by bees and man / feeding and robbing


Other Beekeeping and Related Events :

3rd November 2018: South Devon Convention, Totnes

23rd February 2019 : Holsworthy Bee Convention.