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Meetings at Passmore Edward’s Institute, Hayle will be held as follows :

16th January2018 – Rodger Dewhurst on Hygienic Bees, Passmore Edwards Institute, Hayle. 7:30pm.

20th February – Member’s Shorts, Passmore Edwards Institute, Hayle. 7:30pm.

20th March – TBA.


Better Beekeeping meetings will be held at St. Piran’s Hall, Golsithney at 7:30pm on :

9th January 2018 – Carpentry – assembling your Christmas presents/purchases from Thorne’s sale.

6th February – Pests and diseases. Varroa, IPM. Apiary hygiene, importance of changing frames.

6th March – Bee improvement, queen selection, basic queen rearing. Where to source bees.

3rd April – Swarming, its prevention and management. Collecting a swarm. Supercedure. Queenlessness, DLQs, laying workers.


Other Beekeeping and Related Events :

20th January 2018 : Asian Hornet Open Meeting, Harberton Parish Hall, Totnes.

17th February 2018 : WCBKA Winter Social – Quiz and Buffet, Angel Hotel, Helston, 7:30pm.

17th & 18th February : Sustainable Beekeeping, Eden Project.

24th February : Holdsworthy Bee Convention.

20th May : World Bee Day.