Introduction to Beekeeping course

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Introduction to Beekeeping Course


A 5-week course is held at the Association apiary each year. Contact the Education Officer for more information. The course covers the following topics:

  • choice of hive,
  • essential equipment,
  • basic honey
  • bee biology and behaviour,
  • swarming,
  • how to keep your bees healthy,
  • how to set up your apiary,
  • where to obtain bees, and
  • how to get the best advice.

It includes a practical session opening a hive and learning how to handle hive parts and bees.

We emphasise that this is but a short basic course and encourage participants to follow it up with a more comprehensive Beginners Course such as the one run at Rosewarne College – see elsewhere.

We also encourage participants to join their local beekeeping association.

Further details below:

An Introduction to Beekeeping 2018